This page has all of our released versions, sorted in descending order (the most recent is at the top)

Snapshot 4.1.7 Update
This is the last update on the Snapshot 4 branch. It fixes numerous crashes and other problems on UG-MP. It is fully standalone and comes with a built-in installer!
Released on 2021-02-23

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Snapshot 4.1.6 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
This update primarily fixes some server-side issues, including problems with attaching 3D text labels to vehicles and peds.
Released on 2021-01-23

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Snapshot 4.1.5 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
Another update which improves gameplay stability on UG-MP and on singleplayer.
Released on 2021-01-17

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Snapshot 4.1.4 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
This update primarily fixes some stability issues in Snapshot 4.
Released on 2021-01-14

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Snapshot 4.1.3 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
Good news for everyone who is waiting on a version of GTA: Underground and/or UG-MP which has better performance. Snapshot 4.1.3 is now available which should increase your frame rate by about 40.
Released on 2021-01-09

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Snapshot 4.1.2 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
This update comes with some pretty significant changes to the UG-MP launcher to ensure people can still play UG-MP with or without the website being available.
Released on 2021-01-01

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Snapshot 4.1.1 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
This update fixes numerours issues in the UG-MP launcher, as well as improves the exception handler. Your crash information will now be automatically sent to us. This new feature was added to better address the issues people are having on UG-MP.
Released on 2020-12-29

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Snapshot 4.1 Patch Requires Snapshot 4
This update should address the issues people are reporting with the launcher, and should also fix Discord Rich Presence not resetting when you close the game. Keep in mind that Snapshot 4 is required for this update to work.
Released on 2020-12-27

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Snapshot 4 Update
The new big update for GTA Underground which includes new vehicles, map additions, weapons and our multiplayer client.
Released on 2020-12-25

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Snapshot Patch
A patch for 3.3.11 which fixes a few minor issues.
Released on 2019-07-04

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