Snapshot 4.1.4

This update primarily fixes some stability issues in Snapshot 4.

This update primarily fixes some stability issues in Snapshot 4.

  • Fixed invisible walls around Kenji’s Casino building in Liberty City.
  • Fixed invisible walls inside Diaz’s mansion interior (including the one near the door).
  • Removed the custom building pipeline on ab_vaultdoor given its frequent usage by server developers. This will hide vertex alphas.
  • Fixed special05 (model id 295) being defined twice in peds.ide
  • Fixed UG-MP content being loaded to a certain extent on singleplayer (when it shouldn’t have)
  • Fixed a few incorrect pedgrp.dat lines for MLL – this solves a few potential random crashes when visiting MLL
  • Updated the license plate textures again – this time the Upstate Liberty and Liberty City ones have a new look.
  • The license plate textures shipped with Snapshot 4 were still not updated on singleplayer. In Snapshot 4.1.2 they were updated on UG-MP, but we still forgot to check if they were even updated on singleplayer.
  • Updated the Belly-Up handling to be like the Mule's. This ensures one cannot flip the vehicle easily anymore.
  • Added additional LCS color scheme to lc_yakuza.
  • Added additional VCS color scheme to vc_enforcer. The VCS enforcer was painted black, while in UG it previously only spawned with a green colour scheme.
  • The letters in the lc_enforcer may now be either blue or black (chosen at random) – this is done so the lc_enforcer has both the III and LCS color schemes
  • Corrected the engine sound and color scheme for vc_fbicar.
  • Corrected engine sound of lc_phobos to sound like the Buffalo.
  • Corrected engine sound of lc_mafia to sound like the Phoenix.
  • Corrected engine sound of lcs_mafiab to sound like the Phoenix.
  • Fixed lcs_copcar not having siren lights.
  • Fixed the siren lights of the bw_firetruck.
  • Added some extra memory pool messages to encourage people to take screenshot of them (and unknowingly help us in the process)
  • Fixed a handful of incorrectly set up models etc in the III BETA multiplayer maps.
  • Fixed model ID 1 being defined twice on UG-MP
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