About UG-MP

UG-MP, or Underground Multiplayer, is a fork of the San Andreas Multiplayer modification which enables multiplayer gameplay with the benefit of having access to all the content GTA: Underground provides, while also allowing server developers to migrate over without having to rewrite huge parts of their gamemodes. Migrating can be as easy as simply copypasting your scripts.

SA-MP features, are all of them still available?

Definitely! We spent a lot of time on ensuring that SA-MP's exclusive features work in UG-MP. All of them should therefore be available for you to enjoy.

What else does UG-MP offer?

UG-MP offers a wide range of exclusive features which are all documented on the documentation section. Here's a rough list of what UG-MP offers:

  • Radio synchronisation - which includes the ability to switch stations through natives
  • An extremely powerful DL feature - which not just offers what SA-MP 0.3DL offers you but is capable of loading entire game maps with little conversion work needed, as well as offer a new way of mapping which transcends the need for streamers or CreateObject, and comes without the collision problems often associated with mapping interiors. See this page for more info.
  • Full control over the in-game atmosphere - allowing you to create your very own and unique weather types for your server, with a wide range of customization options
  • Support for RGB vehicle colours - so you don't have to rely on a static set of colour IDs for your vehicles
  • Over 300+ custom animations - which are sure to have lots of potential for roleplay servers
  • Pearlescent vehicle colours - just like GTA: V, except you can use normal vehicle colour IDs or RGB colours
  • A bunch of additional models - everything from bags, sunglasses, to boomboxes and books
  • A server whitelist - a list which we moderate and accept application for which is garanteed to only contain interesting and alive servers which, unlike a lot of SA-MP servers, are not filled with bots
  • Expanded client-side limits - allowing more peds, vehicles, objects, and the like to be spawned. See our limits page for more info.

Want to learn more?

We posted several articles on ModDB which we recommend you to read:
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