This page contains a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.


Q: I am having blackscreen issues when playing GTA: Underground. The HUD is visible, but everything else is not, while I can hear in-game audio just fine. What's wrong?
A: This is a known problem and we know it is related to the postfx shader which is used by GTA: Underground. We will fix the issue soon, for now you can use the following workaround step by step:

  1. Navigate to your installation directory and open skygfx1.ini.
  2. Find this configuration option:
    ;colorFilter=PS2 ; Select the color filter
  3. Change it to:
    colorFilter=PS2 ; Select the color filter
  4. Save the file and restart your game. This will override the postfx shader used by GTA: Underground, which means the in-game weather in any additional map included in GTA: Underground will look very weird, but it should solve the issue.

Q: I need help with an installation problem that doesn't appear on this page.
A: Explain your issue in #ug-installation-problems channel on the official GTA Underground Discord server so other members will be able to help you find a solution.

Q: Is the Rockstar Games Launcher version compatible with UG?
A: No. Even downgrading the RGL version will result in many problems afterwards. Use the built-in downgrader in the installer to downgrade your game before playing.

Q: I get the following issue when starting up the game: Value of FILE_TYPE_DFF cannot be changed. Editing this limit currently unsupported. Current value: 60000
A: Do not try to edit Fastman's file with the "proper" values, simply use the correct exe. This happens when you don't use the right HOODLUM crack. Try this one instead.

Q: Where can I report bugs which I find during my playthrough?
A: You can report bugs on our bug tracker

Q: I can’t hear the stories radios for some reason even though the icon is there.
A: Even though the icons are there the actual audio files are not anymore. We made the stories radio as separate download so you will have to download those in order to be able to listen to them.

Q: When I try to launch UG-MP, it gives me an error which says "Unable to locate gta_sa.exe. Please ensure that the launcher is ran from your GTA: Underground installation directory.".
A: As the error suggests, the launcher was not able to locate gta_sa.exe. This might be because you are running ugmp.exe from outside your GTA: Underground installation directory.

Q: When I try to launch UG-MP, it gives me an error which says "Unable to launch. Contact the GTA: Underground development team on our official Discord for further assistance."
A: The launcher failed to run gta_sa.exe. Try running ugmp.exe as administrator. If that doesn't work, please visit our official Discord server.

Q: When I try to launch UG-MP, it gives me an error which says "Unable to open samp.dll. Please verify if GTA: Underground is installed correctly."
A: You most likely touched your installation files, as samp.dll was not found (it must be in the same directory as the UG-MP launcher (ugmp.exe)), and thus UG-MP can not be launched.

Q: Can I play UG-MP on older versions (such as Snapshot 3.3.11)?
A: No, you can't. The game will give an error if you try to do so.

Q: The game crashed, what do I do?
A: If this occurs frequently for you (and you know under which circumstances it happens), open a new entry on our bug tracker. If not, you can join our official Discord server and give us the minidump it generated there.

Q: I get the "Too many people are downloading this file at the moment" error when downloading from Google Drive.
A: Try one of our mirror links.

Q: The game tells me I need a different EXE, and that the one I am using right now is not supported.
A: You will need the 1.0 HOODLUM US crack in order to play GTA: Underground. It can be downloaded here.

Q: My game crashes when I try to pass the following story missions: Supply Lines, Vertical Bird, Up Up and Away!, Destroy Targets (Flying School).
A: These problems are known and will be fixed in a future update. For now we can offer workarounds for Vertical Bird and Destroy Targets - a guide on how to complete them without crashing can be found on the pinned messages in the #ug-installation-problems channel on our official Discord. As for the Up Up and Away! and Supply Lines, we are still trying to find a workround for these missions but luckily they are not required in order to complete the main storyline.

Q: I'm getting a SA-MP crash window when I try to connect to a UG-MP server, what do I do?
A: Your anti-virus is most likely causing this crash, disable it and try connecting again.

Q: Can I install SA-MP on top of GTA: Underground?
A: No, as GTA: Underground will ship with UG-MP as of Snapshot 4. You cannot install SA-MP on top of that, as doing so will result in crashes and other problems.

Q: When I try to open the UG-MP launcher, it crashes with a message saying "ugmp.exe has stopped working...".
A: This might be because you are on Windows 7. You will need to get the latest Windows 7 updates in order to solve this problem. A future release may change the dependencies of the launcher such that this step is no longer necessary.

Q: When I run UG-MP, singleplayer starts instead.
A: This is because you are missing some dependencies. You can solve this by first checking if you have the DirectX runtimes installed. If you have that already, make sure you have the MSVC++ runtimes installed as well. If neither work for you, contact us on Discord. We have a program which we can use to see what dependency is missing (thus allowing you to play UG-MP).


Q: What is GTA: Underground about?
A: GTA: Underground is a total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which puts a heavy emphasis on combining the maps from Rockstar's 3D universe. This adds GTA: Vice City, GTA: III, Manhunt, Manhunt II, and Bully maps into the game without replacing the original. It also implements all of the features these games offered aswell, completely overhauled in the same style as the original GTA: San Andreas content. This includes the vehicles, weapons, pedestrians, scripted features, interiors, shops, safehouses, weather, and much more.

Q: What can I do in the newly added cities?
A: Each new city has its own range of exclusive vehicles, weapons, shops and more that are not available in San Andreas. From shops and businesses to gang territories and law enforcement, its up to you to discover and experience it yourself.

Q: What else does GTA: Underground has to offer besides content from Rockstar's 3D era games?
A: UG also adds lots of new lore-friendly custom made weapons, vehicles and pedestrians alongside SA cut BETA content, all made by our talented team of artists and modellers.

Q: Will you add more beta content?
A: We do not plan to add more beta content for the time being.

Q: How much space does this mod take?
A: About 3 gigabytes.

Q: Does GTA Underground have a YouTube channel?
A: Yes, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/c/UndergroundDev/featured

Q: How can I support UG via donations?
A: You can support us on Patreon: https://patreon.com/gtaunderground

Q: Does UG have its own GTAForums thread?
A: Yes, in fact it has its own section! You can find it here: https://gtaforums.com/forum/413-gta-underground/

Q: Where can I view changelogs and find download links?
A: See our releases section for those.

Future Plans

Q: Are there plans to add landmass to connect the cities?
A: No. There never have been. However, we cannot deny that we have shown interest in doing it (as illustrated by concept maps dating back to 2015-2016), but there has not been any serious attempt simply because we don't have the people for such a massive undertaking.

Q: Will UG-MP get more features and receive frequent updates?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: Will you make a fully-fledged city out of the current Manhunt and Manhunt II levels already in game?
A: We always had an interest in doing this, and plans even existed for doing this, but things didn't get past the drawing board. We do not have the required contributors, nor do we feel like doing this is worth it at this moment.

Q: Is Midway dead?
A: Yes, but actually no. Yes, in the sense that it is not being worked on anymore. No, because we never officially called it. We have a lot of assets ready for it which we could pick up when are able to properly work on Midway, but it reamins to be seen if that actually happens.

Gameplay, Cheats and Modding

Q: How do I unlock all assets in Liberty City and Vice City?
A: For Vice City, you must take over all of Starfish Island and buy Diaz's mansion to unlock all businesses. In Liberty City: Buy Kenji's Casino in South Staunton Island to unlock all businesses.

Q: How do I buy tickets to Liberty City and Vice City?
A: Go to the yellow marker at an airport, scroll with your mouse wheel or cycle with E and Q in the ticket menu and choose your desired destination. (Do note the airplane paths are broken so it will take quite long to get to the cities even with skipping).

Q: How do I change my skin?
A: Type in the cheatcode "SKINSELECTOR" and you'll be met with a menu with all of the available skins in the game. NOTE: Crouch before you enter the cheat otherwise you won't be able to move. If you do get stuck you can spawn a vehicle and then get out again.

Q: How do I spawn a vehicle?
A: Type in the cheatcode "CARSPAWNER" and a menu with all of the available vehicles in the game will unlock.

Q: How do I spawn a weapon?
A: Type in the cheatcode "WEAPONSPAWNER" and a menu with all of the available weapons in the game will unlock.

Q: How do I remove the blue fog from the map?
A: Type in the cheat "IVESEENITALL".

Q: I want to use LCS/VCS weather, how do I enable it?
A: To turn on the new postfx, you need to install The_Hero's debug menu. You'll find the files in the "Optional Mods" folder. Press CTRL + M for the debug menu - You can either turn on 'Use Stories weather' under 'Time & Weather' and visit Vice City or Liberty City (and watch as the in-game atmosphere changes over a few in-game hours) or change the in-game weather to any of the '*_MIAMI_2' weather types (where the wildcard stands for EXTRASUNNY, CLOUDY, FOGGY, etc.) Stories weathers have blurring/radiosity by turning on the Trails option in the settings menu.

Q: How do you teleport to marker?
A: Press X+Y after setting a marker on the map.

Q: Is Modloader compatible with UG?
A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Is there a list of cheat codes in GTA: UG? Do all of the GTA: SA ones work?
A: Yes! By default all GTA: SA cheats work normally. A list of additional cheats offered by GTA: UG can be seen here.

Q: How to install car/player/etc mods?
A: Just drop the files to custom → custom_mods.img.

Q: Does ENB work on UG?
A: Yes. The DLL variant does not work well with the launcher, so you should use the ASI version instead, and disable the building pipeline as follows:

  1. Navigate to your installation directory and open skygfx1.ini.
  2. Find this configuration option:
  3. Change it to:
  4. Save the file and restart your game.

Q: My FPS is very low. What do I do?
A: Install the latest update. Snapshot 4.1.4 comes with an increase of ~40 FPS. If you want to gain even more FPS, disable mipmapping. That might give you another ~20-40 FPS boost in VC and LC.

Q: How can I play as Tommy Vercetti and Claude?
A: Download those files http://www.mediafire.com/file/euca3ylxfath8a3/players.zip/file and paste them into the "models" folder. Then rename the .img you want to play as to "player.img".

Q: Will GTA: Underground include storymode?
A: As of Snapshot 4, we will introduce GTA:SA's storymode back to the game as an optional mod. You will be able to visit LC and VC once you've completed the "Saint Mark's Bistro" mission. The SA storyline is exactly the same as in original SA. You can play the storyline by downloading the files from the “optional mods”.

Q: How can I enable optional map parts?
A: UG offers some optional map assets including but not limited to “The Statue of Liberty” and an abandoned project called “Atlantis”. Go to “GTA.dat” and uncomment (revoming the # in front of) the lines you desire.

Q: Do CLEO scripts work on GTA: UG?
A: Yes, most CLEO scripts should work on GTA: UG. Not all of them will, though.

Q: Do ASI mods work on GTA: UG?
A: In general, yes. Some specific ASI mods like ModLoader are incompatible, though.

Official website, Discord and UG-MP

Q: What is UG-MP?
A: UG-MP is the multiplayer client for GTA: Underground that is built on a SA-MP client and fully backwards compatible with it. Visit https://gtaundergroundmod.com/pages/ug-mp/about for more information.

Q: What does UG-MP have to offer?
A: All of the content in GTA: Underground singleplayer will be available to use in UG-MP Including lots of brand new natives such as RGB colors for vehicles, radio synchronization and much more.

Q: Where can I find all of the neccesary information to start up a UG-MP server?
A: All of the documentation (Including all of the SA-MP documentation) can be found on our official website at this link: https://gtaundergroundmod.com/pages/ug-mp/documentation The link provides guides, IDs for weather/skins/weapons, an interactive vehicle viewer and much more for both UG-MP and SA-MP.

Q: How can I receive the VIP role?
A: Either be sensible, be a known modder, or be respected by someone in the team.