This page has all of our released versions, sorted in descending order (the most recent is at the top)

Snapshot 3.3.9 Update
The 9th update for Snapshot 3.3. Includes VCS/LCS postfx + the LCS/VCS building pipeline (basicly bringing the Stories atmosphere to GTA: Underground!) VCS neons, and a lot more.
Released on 2018-10-20

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Snapshot 3.3.7 Update
The 7th big update for Snapshot 3.3. It comes with a lot of bug fixes and improvements, a tattoo parlor, and a tuning garage for lowriders for Vice City. On top of that, we also added the Maverly & Sons warehouse from Manhunt.
Released on 2018-10-06

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Snapshot 3.3.6 Update
The 6th update for Snapshot 3.3. It includes businesses in Liberty City, the ability to buy weapons at a secondary Phils Fully Cocked store in northern Staunton Island, and adds a few extra Midway & Carcer City vehicles + fixes some bugs.
Released on 2018-09-29

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Snapshot 3.3.5 Update
The fifth update for Snapshot 3.3. This update adds a bunch of custom vehicles for Carcer City and Midway, comes with a completely redone radar map and also fixes numerous bugs.
Released on 2018-09-23

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Snapshot 3.3.4 Update
The fourth update for Snapshot 3.3. This update adds a new tuning garage for street racers in Staunton Island, and fixes a lot of bugs related to peds + some III/LCS vehicles which previously never spawned in LC now spawn.
Released on 2018-09-15

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Snapshot 3.3.3 Update
The third big update for Snapshot 3.3. Comes with a lot of custom vehicles for Midway, bug fixes, and other content.
Released on 2018-09-08

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Snapshot 3.3.2 Update
Another update for Snapshot 3.3.
Released on 2018-09-02

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Snapshot 3.3.1 Update
A medium-sized update for Snapshot 3.3 which fixes numerous rooftops in Liberty City, and comes with improved/fixed peds/weapons.
Released on 2018-08-25

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Snapshot 3.3 Update
A major update for Snapshot 3. Includes a lot of bug fixes and other improvements.
Released on 2018-07-08

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Snapshot Patch
The fourth patch for Snapshot 3.3. This patch requires Snapshot 3.3.
Released on 2018-06-15

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