A patch for Snapshot 3.3.10 with a few more bug fixes.

A patch for the 10th big update for Snapshot 3.3.

Installation: Download and install Snapshot 3, then Snapshot 3.3, and then Snapshot 3.3.10, or just install the standalone version which does not require 3.3 or Snapshot 3.

  • Added partial support for the ‘Vehicle Lights Fix’ modification by Wesser
  • Fixed a bug where the sun would have the size of a dot if Project 2dfx was not installed
  • VCS radiosity now uses radiosity intensity values from timecyc.dat – as a result the trails effect is slightly less intense
  • The LCS colour filter alpha colour is now corrected to match the one used in The_Hero’s lc98 modification
  • The SA clouds are no longer used by LC/VC/LCS/VCS/Bully weather (the clouds which aren’t on the skydome but are at a fixed height)
  • Fixed the ‘black interiors’ bug which happens when CJ enters interiors such as El Banco Corrupte Grande
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