A patch for Snapshot 3.3.10 which fixes the most notable issues and greatly improves support with the Project 2dfx modification.

A patch for the 10th big update for Snapshot 3.3.

Installation: Download and install Snapshot 3, then Snapshot 3.3, and then Snapshot 3.3.10, or just install the standalone version which does not require 3.3 or Snapshot 3.

  • Fixed the bugged sniper scope/rocket launcher scope
  • A few code refactors (has no in-game impact)
  • Fixed project 2dfx support – previously the game had really short draw distance + the draw distance settings are now fully functional again – as a result you can customize the mod so you can see VC and LC from SA (you need a beefy system for this though)
  • Fixed the broken ambient object colours – sometimes peds, cars, and objects used red, yellow, or other colours at random
  • Fixed a bug where all water was transparent if the player looks at it while swimming at a certain angle
  • Fixed a crash whenever the player reached a 3 star wanted level or higher
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