Another patch for Snapshot 3.3.10 with even more fixes.

A patch for the 10th big update for Snapshot 3.3.

Installation: Download and install Snapshot 3, then Snapshot 3.3, and then Snapshot 3.3.10, or just install the standalone version which does not require 3.3 or Snapshot 3.

  • Fixed a bug where everything (buildings, roads, etc) would be really bright whenever the VC trails were applied
  • Improved sun size code for LCS/III – the values are no longer multiplied and divided by 10
  • Started introducing Bully timecycle fields – no in-game change is visible
  • The rubbish visibility value is now calculated with the frame delta time factored in – as a result the ‘zombie elvis found’ newspapers + leaves now fade in/out at the same speed no matter how many FPS the user has (previously they faded in and out faster when the user has 60 fps compared to when he/she has 25 fps for example)
  • UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable grass rendering
  • UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable sun rendering
  • UG-MP: Added natives to create and remove timecycle boxes – these are already used in the original GTA: SA game to give some of the countryside towns slightly different weather
  • UG-MP: Fixed compability issues with Widescreen Fix, CLEO, SkyGrad, and others
  • Fixed rubbish visibility issues when exiting/entering an interior
  • Fixed a bug where the VCS Gaff had weapon ammo displayed on the HUD
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