Snapshot 3.3.10

The 10th update for Snapshot 3.3. Includes improvements to the in-game weather for VC and LC, fluffy clouds, and vehicle improvements.

The 10th big update for Snapshot 3.3.

Installation: Download and install Snapshot 3, then download Snapshot 3.3 here

  • Updated the other LCS weather types to have the correct ambient (object) lighting – the interior weather (extra colours) was already updated in 3.3.9
  • Added weather interpolation handling code for timecycle boxes
  • Improved the ambient lighting timecycle code by quite a bit
  • Added extra timecycle-related options to The_Hero’s in-game debug menu
  • Numerous code refactors (there shouldn’t be any in-game changes)
  • Added the fluffy clouds from GTA:III, VC, LCS, VCS, and Bully – they use textures from particle.txd
  • PS2 colour filter can now be toggled through the skygfx.ini file again – this will make the game use it everywhere
    • The same is also done for the Mobile colour filter, but it doesn’t work properly yet. VC/LC postfx can also be forced globally this way.
  • Updated SkyGfx to 3.7
  • Options such as ‘Z write threshold’ now work with the Leeds pipeline
  • Added an option to The_Hero’s in-game debug menu which can override the in-game draw distance
  • The VC Rio is now SA styled
  • The VC Faggio is now SA styled
  • The VC Marquis is now SA styled
  • The III Reefer is now SA styled
  • The VC Reefer is now SA styled
  • The VC Sandking is now SA styled
  • The VC Perennial is now SA styled
  • The III Esperanto is now SA styled
  • Added the VCS Angel which is used by the Bikers in Vice City
  • Added the VCS Freeway which spawns in Vice City
  • The VC Marquis now uses its vehicle feature – some model id checks weren’t patched previously
  • Corrected SA Tropic model ID checks – making the SA Tropic use its vehicle feature again
  • Fixed several bugs with the III Cartel Cruiser
  • Fixed a SA bug where roads always used different lighting than non-roads – the former were always darker and had a ‘wet road’ effect
  • Improved the III and VC weather interpretation code even further
  • III & VC trails are now in the mod. You can enable/disable it from the options menu, and the blurring effect is present as well.
  • Added the plane trails to Vice City and Liberty City. Previously they only appeared in San Andreas.
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