Snapshot 4.1.7

This is the last update on the Snapshot 4 branch. It fixes numerous crashes and other problems on UG-MP. It is fully standalone and comes with a built-in installer!

This is the last update on the Snapshot 4 branch. It fixes numerous crashes and other problems on UG-MP. It is fully standalone and comes with a built-in installer!

Installation instructions
  • Make sure you have a 100% clean GTA: San Andreas installation somewhere.
  • Simply run the installer and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions or problems, please refer to our FAQ page or to our official Discord server.

  • Added more debug output for memory pools to encourage people to contact us and help us fix some problems
  • Fixed procedural objects spawning on the seabed near the Cochrane Dam in Liberty City
  • Fixed missing seabed parts near the Cochrane Dam in Liberty City
  • Fixed a flickering LOD model at the southwestern edge of the Liberty City airport runway
  • Fixed opcode warnings when spawning actors with certain law enforcement skins (such as the Vice Squad skins and the police maverick pilot skins)
  • Fixed some possible collision check problems when syncing players which are “surfing” on objects
  • Removed hud.txd from the UGA – as a result HUD mods and crosshair mods from SA-MP can be installed on UG-MP, however directly replacing hud.txd of course means that certain sprites will end up being missing. Manually modifying the TXD is thus needed as well.
  • The Prawn Island movie stage building collisions are now reworked – now all GTA: VC collision bugs are gone, and the invisible walls introduced in a previous Snapshot 4 are gone as well.
  • Restored the water.dat data for Dunsfold. Water now spawns there again.
  • Fixed missing water near the hospital in Washington Beach (the one near the small bridge leading to the hardware store)
  • Fixed an elevated water plane underneath the Callahan Bridge
  • Fixed the prelighting on the SubUrban shop exterior model in Vice City near the North Point Mall
  • Corrected the UV mapping to the left of the SubUrban shop model in Vice City near the North Point Mall
  • Fixed vehicle colours not persisting after installing them in a mod shop when the vehicle gets streamed out on UG-MP
  • Fixed vehicle light materials not always appearing lit – more specifically, the light on the other side would be lit while being broken, while the non-broken light would not be lit up
  • Added Hebrew translations for the multi-language dialogs
  • Refactored the multi-language dialog code – this overhaul does not come with any changes which are relevant to the player
  • Most of the core error messages should now come in the form of a multi-language dialog box rather than an English-only error
  • Fixed SetVehicleParamsCarWindows removing car windows from all vehicles permanently if used to lower the windows on one vehicle (and other things, for example drive-bys also removed the windows of a vehicle)
  • Added a new error message in case someone installs SA-MP on top of GTA: Underground – it will only be shown if the game detects a different version of SA-MP than what GTA: Underground comes with by default
  • Added a feature to the launcher which allows you to add a server to the favorites tab by its hostname
  • The UG-MP launcher now has a server preferences feature which allows you to save your server password, RCON password, and even your server nickname
  • Fixed a missing gap in the Little Haiti laundromat building
  • Increased the object pool size from 2000 to 5000 on UG-MP (SA-MP used an object pool size of 3000)
  • Made an installer which is able to simplify the installation process such that manual extraction is no longer necessary
  • Fixed several invisible walls in one of the Ocean Drive alleyways (these were ancient bugs)
  • Fixed a handful of incorrectly rotated LODs in Vice City
  • Server hostnames are now hidden in UG-MP where possible.
  • A rare random crash which occurs when calculating the road density for NPC traffic should be fixed. This was the 7th most common crash in Snapshot 4.1.6 according to the crash API.
  • Fixed a possible crash when someone tries to use a weapon type with a negative number on UG-MP (this could crash other players too!). This one was also fairly high on the most common crashes list.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when special blip types were added on the map legend. This was most commonly reported on UG-MP – as the game would frequently crash because of the vehicle blips. Coincidentally, this was also the 4th most common crash in Snapshot 4.1.6 according to the crash API.
  • The radar map no longer includes Dunsfold, as it has been removed at one point.
  • The wooden bridge allowing easy access from Escobar International to Little Havana ported from GTA:VCS is now shown on the map.
  • Changed the timeout limit on the launcher code which fetches the masterlist from the website from 5 seconds to 10 seconds – this means the “Unable to fetch the required server data for…” error may occur less frequently for people with really slow internet (assuming their antivirus or firewall isn’t blocking the launcher)
  • The launcher now refetches server data every 3 seconds rather than every 2.5 seconds – this may result in less optimal performance (that-is, servers being displayed less frequently), while easing the network load slightly at the same time.
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