UG-MP versions

A list of UG-MP version numbers can be found here. These values will be returned by GetPlayerVersion. The mod version names associated with each UG-MP version are also included.

It should be noted that the version names for UG-MP will differ from the mod version names you're familiar with (e.g. Snapshot 3). Whenever an update will break players on older versions from connecting, the UG-MP version changes, and those players will not be able to connect anymore (they'll get the Incorrect Version error).

Side note: Due to a bug, GetPlayerVersion will return 1.0 - for UG-MP 1.0. This will be fixed in an upcoming update. Refer to "Version name (returned by GetPlayerVersion)" for the time being.

GetPlayerVersion and the future

Furthermore, whether or not GetPlayerVersion continues to return the UG-MP version is not garanteed. We may instead opt to make it return the mod version name in the future instead (if possible); as otherwise there is no good use case for this native. UG-MP will block incoming connections should a client have a different UG-MP version, so obviously changing the return value makes sense.

Version name Version name (returned by GetPlayerVersion) Mod versions on this UG-MP version
2.0 "2.0" Snapshot 4.2
1.0 "1.0 -" Snapshot 4, Snapshot 4.1, Snapshot 4.1.1, Snapshot 4.1.2, Snapshot 4.1.3, Snapshot 4.1.4, Snapshot 4.1.5, Snapshot 4.1.6, Snapshot 4.1.7