Snapshot 2.1 patch 4

The fourth patch for Snapshot 2.1. It fixes a ton of bugs and adds/introduces garages.

The fourth patch for Snapshot 2.1. It fixes a ton of bugs and adds/introduces garages however there are still a couple of issues with them as I am not finished with them yet.

  • Added the following garages:
    • All VC bomb garages
    • VC TransFender in Washington Beach
    • Safehouse garages in LC/VC (Portland one is not working)
    • Wheels Arch Angels in VC (not working either)
    • All LC bomb garages
    • Pay N Spray garages in VC & LC
  • Fixed a crash when entering/exiting Portland interior
  • Fixed VC Pizza Stack enex marker being invisible
  • Fixed VC Pizza Stack exit marker teleporting you to the wrong interior ID
  • VC Safehouse near El Swanco Casa can now be entered and saving the game is possible
  • CHANGEPERSPECTIVE cheat was not working
  • Fixed radio icons being white after entering LC while visiting another city before
  • Radio stations script runs slightly faster
  • Built in check for emergency vehicles so they don't play radio anymore (although you have to switch the radio off)
  • Firetruck missions can now be played
  • Ambulance missions can now be played
  • Fixed opcode 602 not working with added taxi vehicles
  • Fixed the bomb dropping script not working on the Cottonmouth Army Maverick
  • Fixed Sandbox mode text not showing up
  • Some VC peds now have ped audio
  • Fixed some more rooftops in LC
  • VC/LC Rhino's now have special features
  • Buses now have special features
  • Added a LCS safehouse in LC with working garage, wardrobe, audio box, and savegame pickup
  • Added a LC Ammu-Nation interior, unused currently, soon we will make it possible to purchase guns in Liberty City!
  • SCM now uses a flag for handling emergency vehicles, if the flag is equal to 1 it means the specific vehicle is an emergency vehicle, therefore it is used to disable radio switching, to make side missions work aswell.
  • New Marshall vehicle which can be found on the VC Beach
  • Some new custom cars, such as the Stanier can now be found on several locations in VC
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