Snapshot 3.3.2

Another update for Snapshot 3.3.

Another update for Snapshot 3.3.

  • Numerous rooftops are now solid in Liberty City + low quality versions (LODs) are also updated now
  • Fixed numerous LOD issues in Liberty City
  • Fixed the misplaced telegraph poles in Portland and replaced them with the model used in GTA:III
  • The VC Coastguard is now SA styled – however it is partially submerged and CJ sometimes ‘sits’ while driving
  • The III Speeder is now SA styled
  • Added the LCS Speeder which is fully SA styled and spawns in traffic
  • Fixed an incorrectly set up Dunsfold LOD which prevented the project 2dfx LOD preloading feature from working properly
  • Fixed broken LOD light rendering when project 2dfx is used
  • Fixed added missile objects not having the same effects as the standard missile has – as a result missiles fired from added rocket launchers now have the right effects
  • Added grenade, tear gas, and Molotov cocktail weapon types now use the correct sounds
  • Also fixed the sounds on added grenades and Molotov cocktails
  • Fixed a lot of the misplaced props in LC/VC, including sunken lampposts
  • Fixed flickering flags on the Easy Credit Auto’s in Portland
  • Fixed missing textures on some of the rubbish bins used in VC and LC – this was actually a bug in GTA:SA itself
  • The LCS Manchez, LC Toyz and LCS Toyz no longer spawn in traffic
  • The SpandExx van, Sabre Turbo, and Zebra no longer spawn in traffic
  • Changed Ammu-Nation weapon prices
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