Vehicle types

The vehicle type returned by GetValidVehicleModelAtEx. These constants differ from R*'s own internal vehicle constants, and therefore should not be used outside of GetValidVehicleModelAtEx.

Constant Description
VEHICLE_TYPE_AUTOMOBILE The vehicle is a car.
VEHICLE_TYPE_MTRUCK The vehicle is a monster truck.
VEHICLE_TYPE_HEAVY_INDUSTRIAL The vehicle is a heavy industrial vehicle. Only the Dumper and Duneride are counted as such at the moment. This may change in a future update.
VEHICLE_TYPE_HELI The vehicle is a helicopter.
VEHICLE_TYPE_PLANE The vehicle is a plane.
VEHICLE_TYPE_BOAT The vehicle is a boat.
VEHICLE_TYPE_HOVERCRAFT The vehicle is a hovercraft. The stock GTA: SA Vortex and the GTA: VCS Bovver '64 are counted as such. This may change in a future update.
VEHICLE_TYPE_ATV The vehicle is an all-terain vehicle. Only the GTA: VCS Splitz 6-ATV is counted as such at the moment. This may change in a future update.
VEHICLE_TYPE_TRAIN The vehicle is a train carriage.
VEHICLE_TYPE_BIKE The vehicle is a motorcycle.
VEHICLE_TYPE_TRIKE The vehicle is a trike. As of right now, this type is unused. Two vehicles are planned to use this type.
VEHICLE_TYPE_QUAD The vehicle is a quad.
VEHICLE_TYPE_BMX The vehicle is a BMX.
VEHICLE_TYPE_TRAILER The vehicle is a trailer.