Player states

All of the player states used by GetPlayerState and OnPlayerStateChange can be found here.

From a server developer standpoint having both "player states" and "special actions" may seem confusing. The main difference between the two is that the former is used for synchronization purposes (and there are packets associated with some of them), and is used for more "generic" actions. The "special actions" don't have any packets associated with them and cover more "specific" actions, and obviously have little to do with the current state of a player.

ID Constant Description
0 PLAYER_STATE_NONE The default player state which is used while initializing.
1 PLAYER_STATE_ONFOOT The player is on foot.
2 PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER The player is driving a vehicle.
3 PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGER The player is in a vehicle as a passenger.
4 PLAYER_STATE_EXIT_VEHICLE The player is exiting a vehicle. It is primarily used internally.
5 PLAYER_STATE_ENTER_VEHICLE_DRIVER The player is entering a vehicle as the driver. It is primarily used internally.
6 PLAYER_STATE_ENTER_VEHICLE_PASSENGER The player is entering a vehicle as the passenger. It is primarily used internally.
7 PLAYER_STATE_WASTED The player is either dead or in class selection.
8 PLAYER_STATE_SPAWNED The player is spawned.
9 PLAYER_STATE_SPECTATING The player is in spectator mode.