A list of terms related to UG-MP with their meanings.

Word Meaning
PAWN The scripting language used to make SA-MP scripts.
Gamemodes The main script that runs on a server.
Filterscripts Scripts that run alongside gamemodes.
Plugins Extra functions/capabilites added through a .dll (Windows) or .so (Linux) file.
Include Pieces of script placed in .inc files to be included in Filterscripts/Gamemodes using #include <name>.
Pawno The script editor most people use for PAWN.
Masterlist The server SA-MP stores its data on such as the Internet list.
Deathmatch A contest where players try to kill each other to win.
Roleplay A gamemode type where players acting like in real life.
Reallife A gamemode type which is based on real life but players do not need to act like in real life.