What is pedcol DL?

This page will explain what pedcol DL is and what functionality it serves in UG:MP and singleplayer in general.

For starters, pedcols.dat is the file that is responsible (as the name suggests) for all of the colors for all the peds in the game when they are spawned by the game or by the player. The ped color system is pretty much identical to the car color system - the only difference being that you must use a pedcols.dat file to replace or add new ped color lines. This system does not exist in stock GTA:SA and the only 3D era game which uses such a system is GTA: VCS. GTA: Underground offers all of the peds from that game, and also ports the ped color system.

On UG-MP, it is possible to change the ped colors for individual players through ChangePlayerPedColor. Curiously, because the game stores the ped colors regardless of whether or not the ped model has the right materials, it is possible to call ChangePlayerPedColor while your skin does not have ped colors. Once you switch your skin to one which does support ped colours your ped colors will become visible.

Ped colours are of course fully synchronized as well, meaning that other players will see your current ped colors. However, due to a bug the game does not pick a random initial ped color when changing your skin. This will be fixed eventually.

Without further ado, here's an example of the ped coloring system in action:

As seen in the picture above, the CHANGEME by default will use the shown colors as defined in pedcols.dat. For UG:MP, there is pedcol DL. This feature allows server owners to change the colors of both UG peds and newly added custom peds when they spawn - this means that they can determine which default colors each ped in the game will have on their server. For example, if a server owner wants to add a custom ped that will spawn in red, yellow and blue - they can determine this by importing a custom .DAT file that will tell the game to spawn this specific ped with the assigned color IDs documented in our ped color ID page. It is important to know that pedcols.dat lines are not necessary for new custom peds, however it is highly suggested to give it a pedcols.dat line because if not, the custom ped will spawn in all black or will look like it's missing textures.

Click on this page to get started and to create your own pedcols.dat file.