What is carcol DL?

This page will explain what carcol DL is and what functionality it serves in UG:MP and San Andreas in general.

For starters, carcols.dat is the file that is responsible (as the name suggests) for all of the colors for all the vehicles in the game when they are spawned by the game or by the player.

As seen in the picture above, the VC Infernus by default will use the shown colors as defined in carcols.dat. For UG:MP, there is carcol DL. This feature allows server owners to change the colors of both UG vehicles and newly added custom vehicles when they spawn - this means that they can determine which default colors each vehicle in the game will have on their server. For example, if a server owner wants to add a custom vehicle that will spawn in red, yellow and blue - they can determine this by importing a custom .DAT file that will tell the game to spawn this specific vehicle with the assigned color IDs documented in our car color ID page. It is important to know that carcols.dat lines are not necessary for new custom vehicles, however it is highly suggested to give it a carcols.dat line because if not, the custom car will spawn in all black or will look like it's missing textures.

Click on this page to get started and to create your own carcols.dat file.