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Story Mode: Teleported after completing a mission and saving the game
Snapshot 4.2
This doesn't happen on all missions but sometimes when i complete a mission, i got teleported high up in the sky to a save icon, on a vehicle it may be fine but when i'm on foot i just fell to my death, this also happens after i just saved my game, suddenly it wants me to save again, whether i save again or not, the interior suddenly is invicible and when i somehow find the exit marker i'm not outside of CJ's house but on somewhere different like San Fierro, this irritates me and would be good if you guys fix it
I think the teleportation happened after i save my game then i do a mission, and then after i did the mission i got teleported immediately when the mission passed screen shows, and when i got teleported to a different interior for no reason i literally just want to save my game and it asked me to save again either i save or not i got teleported to a different interior but you can't see anything around the interior is invisible


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Posted 3 years ago

It has been a known and pesky issues for years now. Maybe we'll fix it soon.