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Regular traffic spawns on the lower level of the Cochrane Dam in Liberty City.
Snapshot 4.2
The closed road which goes into the lower level of the dam has actual traffic on in, making look very odd because it's a closed road which goes nowhere and it's full of vehicles like it's a main street in downtown. (Plus I believe it's not even the type of "industrial" car pool group, it's the regular one with sedans and taxis).
For the record, the vehicles goes into the very end of the road, then loop back into the other side and leave the dam. Also, I think both in III and LCS the road didn't feature any traffic at all.
Go to the lower level of the Cochrane Dam in LC, and after a while you'll see traffic spawning where it's not supposed to be.


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This one is interesting. I don't think we ever documentated this issue but we know there are a few places with wonky traffic. I'll add this one on Trello. Thanks for reporting.