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Chinatown EL train station stair is misplaced to the platform itself, plus peds spawn on the top of the roof.
Snapshot 4.2
Just noticed that the stair and the walkway of the Portland EL Chinatown station is misplaced, being a little raised than the floor of the platform. I also noticed at the same time that peds can spawn on the top of the rooftop of the same station.
EDIT: It appears that the platform itself is lowered down, while the stairs and the other walkway is in the correct position. You guys might want to double check that, I guess that's the reason both the walkway and the stairs look higher than the platform.
Go to Chinatown's Portland EL train station, and you'll see what I mean.


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Posted 3 years ago

Yeah, all train stations will need an overhaul because of train scripts or some wonky stuff like that. This issue has been known for years as well so onto "closed" it goes.