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Carspawner cheats mess with traffic
Snapshot 4.1.7
Hello I have an issue when I used the cheat to spawn a car, the traffic no longer have a variety anymore. The effect does not occur immediately, but after I spawn 3-4 cars. After that the street is filled only with gang cars, taxi and police car, with civilian cars only ranged with max of 2 separate vehicle (for example in LC, it only Blista and Bobcat, in VC in only Virgo and Rancher) regardless where I am.

I've been doing reinstall the snapshot even redownload my GTA SA Steam, already downgrade to HOODLUM from the installer page, still no success. The only mod I have is widescreen fix, mobile HUD, and project 2dfx and stories radio from discord

The first pic is when I started to have same traffic and the second one when I load the save and immediately go to the same area (Harwood LC)

  • Type a cheat
  • Use it to spawn a vehicle
  • Roam the city for around 5-10 minutes
  • The traffic start to lose it variety


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Posted 3 years ago

This is intended behavior, and not a bug.