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ugmp- server restarts freeze your game/computer while being ingame during restart(windows 10)
game gets frozen on server restarts for everyone (gotta exit windows or restart pc always)
this happens after restarts when : Lost connection to the server, connected....... and boom
So. Either in localhost, or windows, run your server with ugmp. 

In windows its easy to reproduce, just close the samp-server.exe, while staying in servewr, and open it again, your PC will be frozen with game and theres nothing you can do, even mouse or anything doesnt work.

in linux just use vps and killall samp03svr and nohup samp03svr, and it will be same thing, or restart it how you want.

if you stay ingame during restarts, the game freezes and you cant use anything no keyboard no mouse nothing.... you must log out from windows

ask some server developers to reproduce this like Torque or whoever.