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Train Disappear Warning + MipMaps
Snapshot 4.1.7
1. Traing Disappear Warinings
Custom subway trains are disappear (LC).

2. MipMaps
Please, add mipmaps to all textures. This will help people with a weak video card and make the textures look more pleasing.

Traing Disappear Warinings:
1. Create train 6550 or 25573 in LC railway(I use color1 = 1, color2 = 1)
2. Travel liberty city for a while or exit from the train and spawn any vehicle in stream area (6697 for example)


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Posted 3 years ago

Mipmapping is already present on most textures.
As for the trains, it is a known issue which seems to already be reported.
As such, I am closing this entry.