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Random crashing v4.1.7
Snapshot 4.1.7
My game randomly crashes, regardless of what I do the game crashes when I  things like finish flying school or enter/exit building the game crashes. Sometimes I can play for an hour other times five minutes and it happens when I save as well, but it is all random.

There are no steps to reproduce but there are telltale like radios going quite or objects not loading.



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Posted 3 years ago (edited)

I am also experiencing this exact problem.4/12/21 I have tryed the flight school running the game in windows XP service pack 3 compatability mode, and the coronas appear and I now crash after flying through the 3rd ring instead of crashing when I reach the location of the first ring. while this does not solve the problem, I found it intresting as that variable could help with ironing out that bug. as for the random crashing, I'll get back to it and see if it still happens.