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ChangeVehicleColorRGB does not save when the vehicle streams out and then streams back in
Snapshot 4.1.7
Basically what the title says.
When the vehicle is created, the ChangeVehicleColorRGB works as intended. When i get far from it until the vehicle streams out, and then get back in range for it to stream in, the vehicle color that was changed with the function gets black (probably the default color it was created with before applying the function).

It is not documented whether this function needs to be re-applied at OnVehicleStreamIn (similar to the vehicle params), if a 'fix' is not planned for this, then it's just a matter of a adding a notice on the function's doc page to apply it every time a vehicle streams in.

I haven't tested any other ChangeVehicleColorRGB/Pearl, etc, but those probably suffer of the same "bug" if they were cloned from this one.

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Create a vehicle;
Use ChangeVehicleColorRGB;
Get away from the vehicle until it streams out;
Get back in range for the vehicle to stream in and watch the result.


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Interesting find! We'll be sure to check this out ourselves soon!


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Hello there. I tried to replicate this on our official server (GFMP) and wasn't able to. The RGB colour still persisted after streaming in and out multiple times.