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Ruger/Kruger shoots slower than in Vice City original, PS2 Kruger has wrong sound and shoots slower while crouched
Snapshot 4.1.7

Just noticed that the GTA Underground VC Ruger (weaponid 147) and PS2 Ruger (weaponid 154) are shooting slower than in Vice City while standing, and the PS2 Ruger shoots further slower when crouched.
The PS2 Ruger also has the wrong sound, it should share the sound as the VC Ruger.

Original Ruger fire rate: https://youtu.be/BENiKlwaLOQ?t=29
UG Ruger fire rate: https://youtu.be/6TlCF-7Fq08?t=6
Get a Ruger and shoot it.


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Posted 3 years ago

Hey there! Sorry for the late response but you seem to be indeed right. I will move this to verified and onto the Trello board right away