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collisions randomly load custom_mods.img
Idk why it was moved to "closed". We replaced 0 existing models so it's not an override col problem. + the problem isn't even this
add new model + his .col in custom_mods.img
create it in game with CreateObject
relog again and again, you'll see that collision will not load 20-30% of the time 


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Posted 3 years ago (edited)

CreateObject is known to have collision issues. Over time, certain parts of the collision mesh tend to "disappear". I've looked at this already and it seems to happen around the world sector edges. Collision detection may simply fail over time.
I'm 99% sure this is the problem you are facing, and may take several hours to replicate. Sometimes it can indeed appear much sooner, but I haven't managed to get the game to do that consistently.

TLDR: We're still looking into this problem. It has already been reported on the bug tracker numerous times.



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Posted 3 years ago

This issue is related to FLA. I tried disabling the ugmp plugin and even connected to the server via the regular sa-mp launcher.