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Texture Chat
Snapshot 4.1.6
I'm really facing a problem with UGMP.A problem that I couldn't even fix nor anyone gave me a SAMP, I run GTA with 800x600 resolution, the chat will turn blurry and I have to relog.After I relog, the chat fixes itself and looks fine like this.
See how clear the chat is? Now, let's head to UGMP. I opened UGMP and changed the resolution to 800x600, the texture is bad, I re-logged, its still the same. They told me to increase the resolution, I did that to the max my pc can get. The texture still the same, look.

Set up has nothing to do with chat texture, the game will start lagging and not playable, but the chat should be clear just like SAMP.


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Posted 3 years ago

Use a different font then.