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Compatible Story Mode - the 'Vertical Bird' mission crashes game.
Snapshot 4.1.6, Snapshot 4.1.5
I've replayed this mission numerous times, on the most recent snapshots 4.1.5 and 4.1.6. Each time I fire a rocket at the first boat my game crashes. Sometimes I'm able to fire a few rockets at a few of the 4 boats you have to destroy in the mission - yet each time a boat is destroyed the game crashes. 

Don't know if anyone's gotten past this mission in the optional story mode portion. 
Steal the Jet from Easter Basin Navel Base, Shoot a rocket at one of the 4 boats. 

(You will have 3 enemy jets following you, I've always been able to shoot them down)

I'd say I've only done this about 4 times for sure, maybe more. Each time the game crashes and I've never been able to continue. 

Optional - Destroy the jets, fly the jet to an area by the 4 boats - do the cheat "weaponspawner" while on foot, shoot a rocket at the boat. this will result in a crash as well. 



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This is a known bug currently even if you try to use rockets or minigun it will still crash their is no other way to get pass the mission we just have to wait until they patch the  optinal  storyline mode bugs.



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you can pass this mission. When target and shoot with hydra, just go far away from the boat.I think it is the boat explode effect problem


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Hi there, I posted a guide on how to bypass this mission without crashing on our official discord - It's pinned in the #ug-installation-problems channel. If you're not on our discord, i'll post it here:

1. Do the mission normally until the part where you steal the jet.
2. Get rid of the enemy jets so you won't be interrupted.
3. Land on the green X (make sure you land sideways so your hydra won't roll down the hill and explode) [SEE THE PICTURE I ATTACHED IN YOUR POST]
4. Take position on the ridge and destroy the spy ships in the following sequence from 1 to 4 (use an assault rifle or a sniper only)
5. Once all the spy ships are destroyed, get back into the jet and finish the mission normally´╗┐.