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Issues in Vice City with Project 2dfx
Snapshot 4.1.6
I've noticed a couple of issues playing this mod with Project 2dfx especially in Vice City. I often experience severe lags while riding a boat in Vice City or simply crossing the bridges between the two main islands. I believe this has to do with the indefinite generation of grass on Vice City's seabed which I'm sure is not intended. Have a look at the image where CJ stands on one of the pillars of the bridge (image 1).

Next, I would like to point out the bizarre effects the studio light from the stage in Prawn island creates to the surrounding environment. The light rays seem overly exaggerated and can be quite distracting from a distance (images 2 and 3). The problem is even worse during the day. The lighting gets messed up and the far off buildings display weirdly. Compare the lighting when the camera angle is slightly changed (images 4 and 5).

Moreover, since Snapshot 4.1.6 mentions about remodelling the Studio to fix its collision, can you please 'switch-off' the studio lights as well to avoid this unintended effect. Also, removing the grass on the seabed can help fix the lag.
Activating Project 2dfx and riding a boat across Vice City especially around the location in image 1 can replicate the grass on seabed problem.

The studio light rays can be seen anywhere from northern part of Vice City with Project 2dfx.


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- The fogging issue is known.
- The seabed issue is added to the to do list.
- There is a lens flare effect on the movie studio stage building lights. This is what you screenshotted.

Moving this to closed as the issues are known / not bugs (and because you posted multiple bug reports in one tracker entry)