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Desynchronization problems when using 4+ CJ skins
Snapshot 4.1.4, Snapshot 4
It's a very elaborate desync issue but usually in a server with more than 4 players using CJ's skin.
The following images show an example of this desync problem, the first screenshot is from Player #1's screen while the second screenshot shows the real location of Player #2 from his screen.
-Get 4 or more players using CJ's screen.
-Each player need to be streamed out, so basically teleport away or drive away.
-All players should meet up together again.
-Once they meet up, at least 1 or 2 players are desynced and appear to be standing still, no vehicle appears and the desynced players can kill the others with no consequences.



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Posted 3 years ago (edited)

It is also important to choose CJ's skin upon entering the game and not via the /skin command. Then it's harder to cause this error.