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Vault Door (Model = 2634) bugged
Snapshot 4.1.3
When spawning this object the door is half invisible, just bugged in appearance. I was using it in a bank robbery system, tested it with my in-game map editor and had the same issue. Other players in-game had the same issue so I believe it just wasn't on my end. 
Create object 2634.


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Posted 3 years ago (edited)

This object has vertex alphas. Since they are broken on stock GTA: SA, you won't really see them. SkyGfx fixes this, so the model will be slightly transparent. Since this is fixed in the custom building pipeline itself (which is attached to this model since it uses NVCs), the NVCs were removed, thus "solving" the problem.


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Posted 3 years ago

Fix will be included in Snapshot 4.2.