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Taking girlfriends to restaurants freezes the game
Snapshot 4.1
What it says in the title, taking a girlfriend to a restaurant that would normally play a cutscene (Cluckin Bell, Well Stacked Pizza, a bar) will just cause the game to hang on a black screen with the name of the place at the bottom of the screen.
I've only tested this with Denise as of right now, but you should let me know if you can reproduce the bug with Denise first and then move on to testing with the other girlfriends. I might do this myself if I have time later and will edit the post with results if possible. 

UG install is completely vanilla (besides Merged Stories Radio) with Steam version downgraded to 1.0. I also experienced this exact same bug on Snapshot 3 at the start of this year but never reported it, so it has probably existed for quite some time. 
1. Go to Denise's house when she's available 
2. Since it's your first date, she will ask to go and eat somewhere, go to any restaurant. 
3. Enter the yellow marker, the game should now hang on a black screen indefinitely (not crash). 


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Hello there.
Sadly I could not replicate your problem as the game worked just fine for me.Perhaps try getting a 1.0 version instead of a downgraded steam version as downgraded versions will still have a lot of problems with UG.