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inadequate weapon models
Snapshot 4.1
a majority of the weapon models suffer from notable issues such as stretched UVW maps, missing and/or incorrect parts, incorrect scaling, and some models even have invisible parts. i will leave below the most notorious cases:

UMP 45's invisible magazine:
AA 12's bottom side is half invisible:
AUG A3's holographic sight is incorrectly scaled:
P90's magazine is titled:
This model feels very out of place:
Steyr Scout has a weird concave:
M82 model is too small:
Luger is incorrectly scaled:
Five Seven is incorrectly scaled:




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For some reason the images won't work if i click on it, but it does if i copy-paste the link.

By the way, yeah, some weapons really need a bit of polishing. For example the M1 Garand, it looks like some kind of bolt action rifle and you can clearly see the difference between in these images.

Incorrect ironsight and stretched bolt

How it shoud look