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Discord Game Activity stays on
Snapshot 4
Whenever I exit the game, Discord Game Activity still shows that I am in-game and that I am paused. For example, it was saying that I was 5 hours in-game and still counting when in reality I was only a few minutes on some UGMP server and then decided to restart the launcher and join some other server. Since your services were online, I went to play Cyberpunk and Arma. This lead to confusion in my Arma clan since they thought I am in another game when it was time to do a mission even tho my PC was idle. 

The only bypass or temporary fix is to hit CTRL+R which will restart Discord, but still, I don't want to restart Discord every time I exit the game.
Exit the game. (UG or UGMP, doesn't matter.)
Look at Discord status.



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Posted more than two weeks ago

yeah this has been a problem i hope this gets fixed


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It should be fixed with the new 4.1 update



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Is the 4.1.1 snapshot update suppose to fix this ? I still get this issue saying that I am "Roaming" around somewhere. Even If I play games like Tarkov, Warzone ETC.


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Closed because this is a duplicate of https://gtaundergroundmod.com/pages/bug-tracker/332/details