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Floating objects in liberty city
While taking a walk through the red light district, I noticed that one of the posts next to the pay n spray was floating and its collision caused the car to be damaged quickly
This bug appears when you start / load a game or saved game


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Posted 4 years ago

Thank you for your report! We are aware of this issue. The reason why these props are floating is because in GTA: III and GTA: VC, these props are not placed correctly in the files. The height is calculated at runtime. In GTA: SA and GTA: UG, this logic is not present.
Now, without any tweaks, this would result in a lot of lampposts (including the one which is floating in your screenshot) being sunk into the ground, as well as a lot of height-related positioning issues.

This is something that we (poorly!!) resolved by correcting the positions in the files by hand, however, as you reported, we made numerous mistakes.
To make a long explanation short and to get to the point, we are going to fix all of these misplacement issues in one go very soon. Perhaps in one of the updates for Snapshot 3.4. With that said, I'm marking this entry as Verified and we'll update your report once the issue is resolved.