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Vigilante Mission - Suspect spawn issue
There are certain zones that if you get close to when killing your target/suspect,
the subsequent suspects will spawn too close to each other in one single isolated
area, making it hard for the mission to take you elsewhere through the map, which somewhat breaks the "flow" of the whole thing. This happnens mostly with Francis Int. Airport and the Golf Club in Vice City, and to some degree with the wholegeneral vicinity of Stauton island (Hard for the mission to spawn suspects out of Stauton once in there).
Also a minor nitpick, all suspect ped models and their respective vehicles are from san andreas regardless of the city.
Start the vigilante sub-mission and finish a level  near Francis Int. Airport on Liberty City, or Leaf Links Golf Club on Vice city. In Vice ctity it happens regardless if you're close to ther golf club or not, once you reach enough levels (I would say about level 5 or 7 at least)


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I don't think the spawn locations are really worth changing. The models may indeed be changed soon; we might opt to make these dependent on the map you are in (so VC peds spawn as subjects while in VC, etc). 
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