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(SNAPSHOT 2.2) Every dinner store (Burger Shot, Well Stacked Pizza, Donuts, Cluckin Bell) DOES NOT work.
Snapshot 2.1 patch 9
Upon selecting a meal, all meals are out of order ($2 -> $10 -> $5 -> Salad Meal) and upon buying it, it sometimes charges more money than it should and it always does not heal CJ or make him fatter.

If you choose the meals backwards, a glitch appears ($5 <- Salad Meal <- $5 <- Salad Meal -> $34) a $34 dollar "nothingness" that does not function.

This BREAKS the RPG elements of the game, having no viable way to heal / get fat, and without eating, CJ starts to get hungry --> starves to death.
1. Enter a fast-food store.
2. Select a meal (when bringing the meal, the plates become graphically glitched and remain there even after leaving the interior.)
3. Buy it.
4. Notice how (by RNG) you buy for double the price, and how (%100) CJ doesn't gain any fat / heals.