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Game crash after pressing new game
Game crashes after i am pressing new game
It happens everytime



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Posted 8 years ago

Did you install Gta Underground on a clean GTA SA V1.0?If not make sure to do so and get rid of any mods.Make sure to install the latest patch 9.1 and see if that does anything.



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Try running your GTA as an administrator and if that doesnt work try running it in compatibility mode for windows xp (service pack 3). This two solutions work most of the time (not only GTA Underground, it works with regular GTA SA).



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Posted 8 years ago

snapshot 2.1 contains which patches ?



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------------------------------------------------- - Patch 1 (fixing map legend crash, fixing the gang turfs not showing up)

Patch 3 (fixing plenty of issues, like the broken shops)

Patch 4

Patch 5

Patch 6- (fixing quite a bunch of bugs related to LC traffic + adds a few more rooftops + you can now break LC lampposts and they are no longer stuck in the ground)

Patch 7 - a few more things)

Patch 8 -

Patch 9 -

Patch 9.1 (no specific changes, just a quick fix) -


It's in the opening post of GTA Forums topic.

PS: You should attach the crash log when a game crashes and you decide to post. It's usually called fastmanlimitadjuster.log.